ON DEMAND WEBINAR | Large and small insurers reveal IFRS 17 approaches

Hear implementation experiences from insurers of all sizes.


The challenge of implementing IFRS 17 varies from insurer to insurer. While a small insurer may experience issues with resources and legacy systems, a multinational group may have to deal with idiosyncrasies in each jurisdiction and cope with huge amounts of data.

This webinar covers what goes into an insurer’s decision to achieve minimum compliance or a broader finance transformation, lessons learned so far, and the challenges inherent in selecting the appropriate measurement model.

Speakers include:

  • Brian Birch, IFRS 17 expert and consultant
  • Brian Heale, Senior Insurance/IFRS 17 Consultant, Aptitude Software
  • Zeljko Strkalj, Global IFRS 17 Program Director, Chubb

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