From chaos to clarity:

How IFRS 17 evolved and what we learned

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The Evolution of IFRS 17

  1. When IFRS 17 was first issued many thought it would only effect CSM calculations – we now know there are much broader implications.

    See the results of our survey of insurers
  2. There was confusion around interpretations of the standard and many insurers were reluctant to be the first mover.

    See insights from a panel discussion on implementation
  3. The first projects began, and many uncertainties were answered. Best practice begins to emerge as existing projects inform new ones.

    See what we’ve learned from our IFRS 17 projects
  4. Today 93% of insurers see IFRS 17 as a strategic opportunity to modernise their finance systems.

    How subledgers enable a digitised financial system
  5. Choosing the right system and learning from the market is essential to a successful journey.

    Compare actuarial and accounting approaches

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