Finding the handover point: Actuarial & accounting systems

Understand the actuarial and accounting system requirements & capabilities

The boundaries between the actuarial and accounting worlds have crystallised and now the focus is on determining the point of handover. This will be a key decision for insurers.

Some of the topics covered by this paper include:

  • The difference between an Actuarial CSM and an Accounting CSM - and why an accounting CSM is critical

  • 10 complex requirements not typically undertaken in the actuarial environment that can be met by a subledger accounting approach including support for multi-currency, reconciliations and more.

  • Diagram of a typical business flow required for IFRS 17
  • The need to store the results of contract performance measurements at each measurement period and provide a fully auditable process as the calculation changes over time
Download the whitepaper to find out more, or take a look at some of the lessons we've learned about IFRS 17.