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POC 1 videos - prepared for Aegon

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IFRS 17 POC videos - prepared for Aegon

  1. Use Case 1 Show user interface (GUI) for manual adjustments, drill down, querying and reporting capabilities

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  2. Use Case 2 Show processing Risk adjustment, BEL and CSM events / postings including controls on input data

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  3. Use Case 3, 4 & 6 Onerous & Loss Component, Two Subsequent Onerous Measurement Periods with Assumption Changes

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  4. Use Case 5 IFRS 17 Disclosures

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  5. Use Case 7 Claims Processing

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  6. Use Case 8 Multi-GAAP support

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  7. Use Case 9 Revenue release

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The Rise of the (IFRS 17) Sub-Ledger

Many insurers are only now, beginning to get to grips with the complexities of IFRS 17 and as they do so they have to seriously consider how they are going to implement a program that reuses as much as possible their existing system and process yet meets the complex requirement of IFRS 17 in a timely and cost-effective manner.  

Enter the subledger.

The need for subledgers has been present for decades but it’s not until IFRS 17 came along, that they have once again found themselves in the spotlight. However, very few subledgers have the years of development and refinement necessary to handle the requirements imposed by IFRS 17.

Enter the Aptitude Subledger

Required Subledger Functionality

Over the course of many IFRS 17 projects it has become clear that subledgers are going to be a necessary part of any IFRS 17 solution. The table below describes the functionality required of a fully mature sub-ledger solution.

  • Provides highly granular data for reporting & analytics
  • Provides automatic reconciliations between GAAPs
  • Bridge and reconciliation between source and GL batch automation
  • Full General Ledger type functionality including zero balancing
  • Supports multi-COA, multi-GAAP and delta reporting
  • Full-drilldown to clear, auditable entries
  • Financial, Actuarial and Operational, business unit views in one granular ledger
  • Extracts up to multiple General Ledgers
  • Supports complex multi-currency transactions & revaluations
  • Multi-entity capabilities
  • Reporting and accounting exploration on multiple combinations of attributes
  • Consolidation of data across hierarchies and dimensions

We don't like to ship 'empty boxes' so our IFRS 17 solution comes with a templated chart of accounts that supports all IFRS 17 disclosures as well as the income statement & balance sheet. Our customers are finding it to be a significant accelerator in overlaying IFRS 17 accounting onto their current processes.

Phil Lewis, IFRS 17 Products Owner, Aptitude Software

Packaged Project Accelerators:

  • A template chart of accounts (COA) that supports all IFRS 17 disclosures as well as the income statement & balance sheet
  • Insurance policy lifecycles modelled into IFRS 17 specific business and accounting events
  • The associated posting patterns for our COA

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